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Outdoor Patio Furniture - An investment not to postpone!

Outdoor patio furniture - While looking to buy long lasting furnishings for your patio consider the many options in both style and materials available.

Remember that designing your backyard space with just the right garden furniture requires a similar design hand to that required when furnishing your home's interior.

First consider the size of your patio. If you think space may be tight, measure before shopping online or at the store. A basic rule of thumb for a well furnished patio...

  • a 48" round table with four chairs will need a 10' X 10' space for comfortable use. This outdoor table will seat four
  • a 72 inch long oval or rectangular table seats six
  • chairs are approximately 30" wide
  • loveseats 50" and sofas approximately 75"

Based on consumer reviews and our own favorites, here are some of the best in patio furniture categories. We recommend Amazon for a number of products listed below for best pricing overall.


Strathwood Patio Furniture is Top Seller at Amazon, See Why?

Deck Boxes: Find Attractive Affordable Consumer Favorites!

Door Mats: Review your Options

Buying patio furniture is a long term investment

If you need to store your patio furnishings, consider folding chairs and tables, or ones that are lightweight and stackable.

Covers are an excellent way to maintain your furniture during the off-season and with your patio being an extension of your home, you will want to furnish wisely.

Choose quality pieces that will last, look great outdoors, and also suit your lifestyle.

Below is a list which includes links throughout our site to the most popular furniture and patio accessories. Take a look and make sure that the material is suitable and weatherproof for your climate.



wrought iron - extremely durable and timeless. Use an appropriate metal protector for rust prevention.

- stylish, rustproof and virtually maintenance free.

cast aluminum - when you're looking to buy the most heavy and solid pieces.

- considered the best wood for exterior tables, chairs and loungers.

all-weather wicker - great looking and weather resistant.

recycled plastic
- looks just like real wood but requires no maintenance.


furniture covers -protect your investment.

- many features and styles available: market umbrellas, remote control and auto tilt umbrellas, sun shades, umbrella nets, and umbrella lights!

- improve visibility, atmosphere and decor!

fire pit
- enjoy the barbaque or just sitting around the campfire with friends.

~ extend your season outside!

garden trellis ~ for a garden accent that will add architectural interest and décor at little cost.

garden arbors ~ add a decorative structure to the backyard.

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