arbor plans

Arbor Plans - Buy arbor blueprints online and get building!

Arbor plans - Buying an inexpensive arbor blueprint is an excellent choice if you've got the inclination to build an arbor from scratch.

Online you will find many available plans from western red cedar arbor designs to a Victorian style garden arbor plan. The price range for online arbors projects is generally around $10 to $20, and includes plans that can be easily downloaded to your home computer.

Two thing to consider beforehand: weather conditions of your site, and how your garden arbor will be used

  • How substantial does your arbor need to be to stand up to wind and/or aggressive and heavy vines such as Wisteria?
  • Does your arbor or pergola need to be wide enough for a wheelbarrow to pass through?

Bottom line ~ make sure that the plan for your arbor takes into account your needs, and that the stucture is substantial enough for the elements.

Arbor blueprints

These plans generally include a photo of the finished structure, a list of materials, and detailed step by step instructions with a professionally drawn plan or blueprint.

To get started building your arbor all you need is the right set of woodworking tools and the discipline to stick to the design and blueprint! Since garden arbors are freestanding structures you don't need to worry about matching to your home. Take the time and look around online, compare plans and take a look at the finished arbor products; that way when you buy your arbor design you'll know that you've chosen the right set of plans and are ready to start building!

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