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Cast iron chimenea - Buy a Heavy Duty Chimenea that will Stand up to a lot of Abuse!

Cast iron chimenea - If you're looking to buy a chimenea that will reside in a permanent location, cast iron is a terrific choice.

Heavy cast iron chimineas offer you a heavy duty and durable outdoor fireplace that will stand up to a lot of abuse and if well maintained an iron chimenea should last for a long time providing you with the pleasures of fireplace and grill. These cast iron fireplaces make beautiful focal points outdoors, and are great when set out on the patio or by the pool. With many different chimenea styles (grape style, round, leaf) you should have no problem finding one that you like.

Buy a Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Chimenea

  • leaf and grape motif
  • buy a cover to protect from rust!

Priced From: $139.00

For a designer chimenea, Arctic makes one of cast iron that is very attractive. Weighing 96 pounds, you can buy one with several color choice options: green, bronze, pewter, and black for about $300 (free shipping and handling). These cast iron Arctic chimineas burn wood, pressed logs, or charcoal and will provide you with lasting beauty and warmth.

Chimineas cast iron

The downside to cast iron is that it is not rustproof meaning your chiminea will need to be cared for by painting and sanding from time to time. One way to protect the cast iron from rusting is to cover your it with a chimnea cover during the off-season. These sell for around $25 to $50 online and are well worth the investment.

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