copper trellis

Copper trellis - Make one from pipes and fittings

Copper trellis - One way to get the trellised structure of your dreams is to make your own.

While it seems easy enough to make a trellis out of wood, putting together a metal trellis is another ball game. To begin with you may want to head down to the local plumbing store and look for copper pipes and fittings. To begin tackling your copper trellis plan you will need to get your hands on a tubing cutter, flux and solder and a propane torch. If you'd like to avoid the soldering, epoxy glue can be used to make the connections.

Next step is to figure out your trellis or trellises design which can include a copper ladder trellis, a tower pyramid trellis, obelisks and more. Trellising materials will include copper pipe, in flexible or rigid forms, and copper pipe fittings such as elbows, tees and couplings. The copper pipe fitting will be used to connect the pipe so that you have corners, intersections, and straight sections.

Pick up a book on arbors and trellis projects

To learn more about do-it-yourself trellis projects you may want to pick up a book that includes a list of trellising materials and how to steps. Take a look at Sunset's Trellis and Arbors Book. This should get you started on your backyard trellising. Once complete, postion your metal structure in a place where it will serve as a focal point.

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