decorated wedding arbors

Decorated Wedding Arbors - Do It Yourself and Other Ways to Have your Wedding Arbor Decorated

Decorated Wedding Arbors - You can buy or rent a wedding arbor and decorate it with vines like romantic fragrant climbing roses or honeysuckle.

For either indoor or outdoor weddings, wedding arbors can be decorated as you wish. If your wedding is indoors, including a well decorated arbor will provide you with a nice marital backdrop for creating enchanting photographic memories.

Wedding arbor options

You can rent a decorated arbor from a rental company, or, if you've hired a wedding planner, they will likely take care of the arbor decorating details for you.

For the do it yourselfer, you can buy or rent a wedding arbor locally, or shop online. Popular wedding arbors are vinyl, wood, and iron.

Do it yourself: Decorating an arbor for your wedding

As mentioned above, you can buy a wedding arbor online; we recommend Amazon, since you can find just about everything on that site (they have an excellent arbor department, with a nice selection of wedding arbors, at low prices).

Arbors on Amazon

Vinyl, Wood or Metal Arbors
Priced from: $189.99

Once you have purchased, or rented, your wedding arbor, you will need to set it up where it will go. This is generally very easy, and requires no special skills, just some basic tools. Once set up, you can begin decorating with either live vines woven throughout the arbor latticework or (for indoor weddings) use ornamental cuttings such as: evergreen tree or holly branches.

If your arbor is going to remain outdoors in the same location after the wedding, you can plant vines directly into the ground. Then, tie them in and weave them around your arbor structure.

You can buy 5 gallon vines, cost: $25 - $45 per plant; or 15 gallon vines, cost: $75 - $125 per plant. The quantity of vines you will need will depend upon the size of your arbor and the size of the plants.

For more information about garden arbors, please click on the link.