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Door Mat Review

Once overlooked as a necessary evil to combat offending water and dirt the door mat is having a renaissance.

Coming in a variety of shapes, like half-circle and rectangle, the doormat can do a lot more than simply remove dirt and grime from your shoes. Consider the door mat also as a tiny decorative-zone that provides transition between spaces like the one from your front porch into your home. With many types to choose from, these functional place-mats require careful review before buying. Here's what's available.

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In 2003, the marketing director of Capel, a rug manufacturing company said: "Door mats are the t-shirt of the house." In 20109, this couldn't be farther from the truth! Here are some ways to go...

Upmarket Mats:
If keeping up with the Joneses isn't good enough and you want to take the lead consider moving away from your drab door mat and going with one that is personalized. These mats are popular and offer a welcoming entry. You can select from any one of the door mat materials below, except for the heated mat, and have them personalized with your last name or monogrammed with family initials. For intricate scrollwork patterns and designs consider cast iron, aluminum or rubber-made door mats. These make quite a statement and can be personalized, too. For a sophisticated look, half circle coco door mats with patterns like picture-frame border offer simple statement.

Fun Door Mats:

If your dog or cat rules the house more than you do, consider one of the comical door mats that show your visitors who is boss. Breed specific door mats with comedy-central-like sayings are popular and entertaining. Likewise, if sports rule your house, a team logo door mat says it all!

Material Matters

Coco Coir:
Most popular in high traffic areas where toughness and durability is essential is the coco coir mat. These mats are generally made with short fibers that are thick, quick-drying and weather-resistant. Also, coco choir is naturally resistant to sea water, rain and is capable of absorbing water without mildewing.

Electrical Coils in Rubber:
Don't hurt your back shoveling heavy snow because this newly invented door mat kind-of does it for you. Made by a company called Heat Trak, this residential mat plugs into an outdoor outlet and heats to 50 degrees above the ambient temperature to melt 2-inches of snow per hour. Runner Carpets are also available serving the same purpose.

Polypropylene Fiber
This fiber dries quickly which prevents it from rotting or fading. Weaves vary from rugged looking cordage to densely needle punched carpets. To clean: vacuum, sweep or spray with hose and dry flat.

Providing a nice non-skid surface these mats are sometimes made from recycled tires or heavy duty rubber. Other benefits? They resist cracking when it's freezing, buckling when it's hot and humid as well as resist mildew and fading. Another plus is that the intricate patterns, like the wrought iron scrollwork often decorated into heavy duty rubber mats trap dirt and debris.

A metal door mat, really? Yes, these rust-free cast metal door mats look nice sitting upon a brick doorway entrance and are impervious to weather.

Cast Iron:
Offers a similar, decorative, scroll-like designs as with Aluminum and Rubber. Cast iron door mats are heavy duty, long lasting, and are useful on a wood deck, especially if you are concerned with rot.

Low Profile Mats:
These mats are called low profile because their ultra-slim design will not interfere with the opening and closing of your door. Often made with polypropylene fiber and rubber slip-backings, these inside mats help to scrape dirt, mud and sand from shoes.

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