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Garden décor - What's selling?

With the end of summer calling, it's just about time to get shopping and save some money with end of the season sales.

There's no shortage of garden décor items for accessorizing the property and the list of popular items includes butterfly baths and houses.

What else is popular, and again get ready to save money with sale purchases. You can add nothing short of: Mailbox Posts, Patriotic Items, Butterfly Baths & Houses, Wishing Wells, Copper Pillars & Vases, Ornamental Items, Garden Art & Sculpture, Signs, and Mats.

If you plan on entertaining outdoors later in the season, meld garden décor with function by choosing a decorative outdoor fireplace or fire pit. You can buy either a gas or wood burning campfire; both raise the BTU's to keep you warm outside.

Decorative patio heaters, especially the nice space heaters by mr patio heater, otherwise know as, Mr. Patio Heaters, are another outdoor heating choice. These propane run heaters offer portability and convenience, working well to keep you warm.

For decorative commercial/ residential garden heaters try adding stylish Arctic cast aluminum or stainless steel patio heaters. These heaters are designed like fine furniture, appropriate for enhancing garden décor, or at least complementing it.

For the online sales, remember that after Labor Day lots of mark downs and discounts will follow. Compare prices and find yourself deals that you can enjoy this year and in 2006!

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