garden trellis

Garden Trellis - Create Vertical Accents!

Garden trellis - for a garden accent that will add architectural interest and décor at little cost, garden trellises are a great choice!

The two most popular outdoor lattice options: freestanding and wall, make great supports for growing flowering vines or climbing plants and are typically made of wood, vinyl, and metal. You can buy a small (2'x 6') trellis or large lattice panel (6'x 2') and so forth. prices will vary largely based upon the quality and materials used. For example, a vinyl lattice trellis will be less expensive than a comparably sized cedar trellis.

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For a great selection of quality trellises we recommend Yardiac online. They have an outstanding collection of wall panel trellises, obelisks, wrought iron, vinyl, wood, copper, grape, rose, wedding, and more! If you are looking for handsome white vinyl trellises, Yardiac carries top of the line brand: Ultralast. You can buy Ultralast's Nantucket, Royal Sturbridge, or Winchester trellis, and be confident that you are getting the best price on the internet.

Trellises atAmazon:

  • copper
  • vinyl
  • cedar
  • decorative wall

Garden decor and Options:

  • vinyl ~ great looking against the house or in the garden! These trellises provide total freedom from maintenance. They never need painting, staining, or sealing to keep their exceptional good looks. The difference is in the details.
  • trellis panel ~ example: a 2' x 6' foot panel may be attached to a wall or post to support climbing plants growing from the ground or from a large pot. It may also be displayed as a free-standing element in the backyard.
  • wrought iron trellis ~ provides a rustic old world charm that looks great against brick, wood, and other exterior home walls.

  • planter with trellis ~ use as privacy dividers, on porches, walkways or gardens. Encourage climbing roses, jasmine, clematis and other favorite vines.
  • wall décor trelliage by Accents of France ~ beautiful and very French! You can use trelliage indoors against an interior wall or against a wall in the backyard! Decorative latticework will add immediate interest, structure and dimension to otherwise plain walls.