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Grape Arbor - Grow better grapes and flowering vines!

Grape arbor - Generally constructed out of wood, grape arbors make perfect sense for training grape vines and other climbers when wanting a beautiful floral display.

Grape wood arbors are handsome structures that define the garden and space outdoors with a vertical and ceiling-planed structure. Training grape vines up alongside and over the arbors ceiling canopy makes for a romantic display, especially when grapes are getting mature and the arbor is festooned with grape bunches.

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Grape pergolas and arbors yield delicious fruit

One reason to choose an arbor for growing grapes is that the pergola structure allows grapes and climbing vines air and light to make tasty sweet fruit. Of course, if your grape wood arbor is in Sonoma or Napa County, you've got it made. If not, perhaps check with your county extension office to find out information about growing grapes in your region.

Garden arbors support beautiful fragrant and flowering vines

A grape garden arbor also makes an excellent support for growing honeysuckle, jasmine, roses and clematis: you will want to tie in the vines and keep growth controlled. If you buy a beautiful handcrafted arbor with a lot of detail work, choose a less vigorous vine such as the small scale, deep red flowering Clematis 'Niobe' that grows approximately 7 to 9 feet tall. This vine, as do many clematis varieties, has restrained growth allowing you to enjoy the arbor as well as vine.

Where to buy

To buy a grape growing arbor, take a look online. With arbors made from many different materials: cedar, teak, pine, and other weather resistant hardwoods as well as vinyl, and metal, you will find many garden arbors to compare and review. You will also find a great variety of arbor designs. Prices range, so it is best to find the arbor that best suits your budget and style.

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