hammock stands

Hammock stands - Support your hammock anywhere!

Hammock stands
- When you're looking to support your hammock but don't have the option of hanging between 2-trees or using a suspended support, a hammock stand is the way to go.

Stands are available in wood and metal and they are designed to ensure that your hammock won't collapse or fall over in wind. Good ones are designed with weighted bases and are well-crafted.

Which hammocks (may) need a stand?

  • hammock chair
  • hammock swing
  • traditional bed

Top of the line brands such as Hatteras and Mayan hammocks, design quality stands with specially crafted features in various materials desirable to consumers. Stands such as the curvaceous roman arc offer a decorators touch, making the hammock look as good and relaxing as it feels. If you are familiar with Pawley Island Hammocks and Hatteras than know that you can have a hammock from one company and a stand from another: stands are interchangeable and fit either hammock.

Which stand to buy? In general metal hammocks stands are less expensive than wood stands. Choose based on budget and decor.

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