Hammocks - Choosing the right type for the patio

Hammocks - If you're looking to enjoy idyll moments of peace and relaxation in an enclosed or outdoor patio, a simple hammock may just do the trick.

Coming in a number of styles and types, you can choose from rope hammocks, hammock swings and hammock chairs. You can also choose popular brands such as Hatteras and Pawley Island. Buying online can save you money, and you can get everything from a set of tree straps for around $30; to a rope, quilted or fabric hammock costing between $100 to $200.

And the stand? If you want a hammock stand these are often sold seperately. For a good deal you can look for package deals that include, for example: a rope hammock, pillow and hammock stand for the price. To save money? Shopping online, off-season is one way to take advantage of special sales. But, if you're are buying for use during high season, prices over-all are competitive. Often you are buying pieces separately: the hammock, the stand, the accessories.

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Hammock type:

  • hammock chair - most can hang from a central point. However, if there is no central point, a hammock stand is a good way to go.
  • hammock swing - similar to the chair but built for 2 or more people. The swing is a great option for the backyard or patio, and stands are available. These hammocks tend to come with hanging hardware.
  • hammock stands - supports your hammock. Available in metal and wood.
  • hammock accessories - these include: pillow, fleece blankets, mosquito netting, and hardware.


  • Rope

    Usually equipped with wood staves in order to spread out the heavier rope material used to weave the hammock.

    Rope is durable made from either cotton or polyester. If you're looking for ultra comfort cotton is a nice choice. But for weather resistance cotton will not hold up and will probably mildew.

    Choose polyester for a hammock that will withstand outside air conditions such as high humidity and salt water air. Weight capacity: around 450 pounds.

  • Fabric

    Quilted fabric or mesh offer the best choice over cotton for outdoor use where weather is of concern. Most popular outdoor fabric hammocks are built with a spreader bar.

    The only drawback, is compared to rope, outdoor fabric hammocks do not envelope or conform to the body as well. Benefits include: weather resistance, nice decorative fabrics available in stripe, solids and patterns.


  • Mayan
  • Hatteras
  • Pawleys island
  • nags head