hatteras hammocks

Relax in a Hatteras Hammock!

With many hammock brands to choose from Hatteras Hammocks should be at the top of your list.

Growing by leaps and bounds since the 1970's, Hatteras has become the largest hammock manufacturer in the world. For the consumer, Hatteras Hammocks include a number of collection styles; affording you the choice between different weaves, colors and styles.

If you are looking to buy one of their hammocks, you will be able to choose one from the collection you like best.

Soft Weave Hammock by Hatteras
available in flax or green
plus more styles by Hatteras

Priced from: $182.83

Hatteras Hammock Collections:

  • Hatteras Classics - This line of hammocks features traditional 100% hand woven cotton rope. There is nothing flashy about this line, just the potential to relax and unwind outdoors and catch up on reading or a nap. Hardware is zinc plated for weather resistance. Hatteras Classic Hammocks feature oak wood spreaders. You can choose sizes such as deluxe and large. Also, soft spun polyester, solution dyed forest green and flax color choices are also available in this collection.
  • Cabana Row - This line features hammocks made with solution dyed Duracord. The collection infuses warm golden tones and garnet hues for a very hot, summery look. Hammocks in this collection feature either quick drying options or a comfortable quilted surface. Additional items in this collection are cushions, double and single hammock swings.

  • Willow Place - For tranquility this hammock collection features soft relaxing tones. Hammocks are made from Duracord: the benefits of which include fast drying action, doesn't support microbial growth, material won't fade, and is lightweight and nonabrasive. Also, you can buy matching swings and pillows from this collection.
  • Ocean Avenue - This collection features colors and patterns inspired by sea life and vegetation. Hammocks are made with either Duracord or solution dyed acrylic. Also pillow accessories and swings are available.
  • Sunset Boulevard - Again, if you like the warm tones, golds and reds, this collection as with Cabana Row has hammocks for you. This collection features both solution dyed Duracord and solution dyed acrylic fabric. Also pillow accessories and swings are available.

Along with hammocks, hatteras makes outdoor rugs.

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