metal trellis

Metal Trellis - Decorative Screens Make Great Accents

Metal Trellis - Trying to find vertical accents that will add dimension and appeal to a living space is challenging. Garden trellis structures made from wrought iron metal can be bought in screens and panels in Gothic or Victorian designs plus many other arbor designs to create interesting accents alone or used in trellising vines such as clematis, honeysuckle and rose. While many trellises appeal more to garden rooms, iron trellis screens can be used creatively inside the home. Use these trellis screens to create interest and focal elements. Place a planter in front and train trailing plants and support vines upwards on the latticework. This will make a unique show.

Where to buy copper and iron trellis structures

Looking locally at home accessories stores and garden shops is a good place to start. You can take a look on line, many online retailers sell metal screen trellis panels and for good prices. Take a look at the assorted metallic trelliage. If you decide not to buy online at least you'll have a better idea of what's available.

Metal panel trellis in the garden and landscape

Seek either freestanding trellis supports or attach mounted trellis structures. Freestanding metal trellising is generally sold with stakes in the bottom for mounting into the ground. Copper and iron metal obelisks make terrific focal points in the backyard. For attach mounting trellises you will need a wall, fence or post. Use the latticework to support your favorite vines: roses, honeysuckle and jasmine. Place small wrought iron trellis supports inside containers. Metal obelisks fit nicely in containers and ivy, and other creeping plants will eventually cover the support making a very nice detail.

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