Mosaic Patio Table

Mosaic Patio Table - A Growing Trend for Bistro and Dining Tables!

A trend in outdoor furnishings that bears roots in Ancient Greece and Rome is the incorporation of a mosaic patio table.

And the trend is growing. In fact, if you are looking to buy a mosaic table for outdoor use, the range begins with an accent table and spans to a large scale dining table. Included in the mix, and adding great design to small spaces, is the mosaic bistro table.

Since mosaic table tops tend to be hand-made you can expect to pay a fair price. There are some outdoor furniture manufacturers that sell fully assembled mosaic patio tables, and these include the full table (top and base). Bases are often made from materials like iron and aluminum that are then powder coated and weather resistant. If you are looking to buy a mosaic table top only, these are also available.

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Many of the beautifully designed mosaic tables for outdoor-use include decorative themes and patterns. Using tiles such as travertine, stone, marble, slate and glass are most popular and sometimes a combination of mosaic tiles is used to create unique decoration.

As an example, the use of travertine tiles (travertine is a smooth, porous stone) in its many shades of brown and hand-set in a geometric pattern can create a patio dining table that also serves as a stunning focal point.

Design patterns like pineapple, fiore and limone are great for garden settings. Stained glass tiled mosaics infused with sanded marble tiles creates some of the brightest, glistening mosaic tables.

Mosaic tabletops come in several shapes including: round, square and rectangular.
Sizes for bistro mosaic tables are often 24" or 30" round. However, they can also be as large as 42" to 48".

How are mosaic-tiled tabletops made for outdoor use?

Generally, a mosaic tabletop designed for use outside is hand-set and grouted with industrial adhesives to create the ultimate in durability. The top is then finished and sealed with an industrial grade sealant for protection.

How to Care for mosaic bisto and dining set tables?

Cleaning - Use mild soap and water to clean any stains such as wine. You can also use mild soap and water for general cleaning, just make sure to dry table and top thoroughly afterwards.

Winter Care and when not in use - Store inside during the off season for best protection. If there is no space for storage, your next best option is to protect using outdoor furniture covers.

Note: If you care properly for your table top normal wear may include: small cracks in grout, smallholes in stone surfaces and color oxidation.

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