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Outdoor Fire Pit - Enjoy the fall campfire!

Buying an outdoor fire pit for cooking, relaxing, and enjoying time outside is what it's all about! Come autumn, fire pits make wonderful night time accents and are great for entertaining outdoors. If you are looking for versatility, lightweight campfires pits are designed to be portable. Buying one enables you to take it with you camping, the beach or summer/ski cabin.

Fire pit selection for outdoor living

Outdoor fire pits range in price from $120 to $1,000 and are worth every penny!

1. If you are looking for a well priced fireplace consider the Bronze Crossweave Firebowl. These real crackling wood firepits are made from durable steel; and, construction includes complete flame containment for safe enjoyment!

The Bronze Crossweave Firebowl
with cover and fire tool is available at
Priced from $159.98

2. Or try the very popular fire pit table. Stylish as well as functional. You can choose from wood burning, for a natural fire or gas.

Check out the popular selling
Granite Fire Pit Table with
30" diameter, copper finished fire bowl
available at FirePits.com
Priced from $299.98

3. If you are looking to buy a decorative and stylish firepit consider an out-of-door copper fire pit. These pits tend to be portable and serve well as focal pieces for outdoor decor on the patio or by the pool.

click here to buy a copper fire pit
Prices range from $129 - $349

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