outdoor furniture cover

Outdoor Furniture Cover - Keep your furnishings clean!

Outdoor furniture cover - In the mountains beneath sap producing pines an outside cover is the first step towards protecting your furnishings.

After a snowy winter, and a recent trip to the family cabin I was relieved to find that the many furnishings: teak loungers, garden benches and assorted high end cast aluminum furniture were well protected, thanks to the covers which remained securely in place. I recommend outdoor furniture covers!

Covering up the well furnished patio:

If you are looking to protect your patio and poolside furniture, an outside cover is the way to go. Of course another choice is storing chairs and tables inside the house, but even some would recommend added protection with furniture covers especially if you're putting the furniture in an area that has dampness and moisture. (just make sure that the furniture is completely dry before storing and covering or you'll be sealing in the moisture, which is the not a good idea).

Here are some tips, I credit the Velcro ties along with having purchased top quality patio furniture covers. Make sure you buy good quality covers; they're not expensive and will keep your furniture around outside a lot longer.

  • Buy a cover that will protect outiside furnishing against UV rays and be waterproof. A good quality cover should not crack in the cold, or mildew in damp weather.
  • Look for covers made with strong materials such as vinyl or PVC.
  • Make sure coverings are waterproof and have been UV treated
  • Buy outdoor covers lined on the inside. This will protect loungers, patio sets and such from temperature extremes as well as from harsh sunlight and heavy snow.
  • Covers should have fasteners such as velcro, ties, elastic or adhesive to keep the furniture covered securely and in place during gusty winds and other harsh weather.