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Outdoor Gas Logs - Create a Custom natural gas fire pit in your own backyard

Outdoor gas logs - With the growing trend in outdoor entertaining, now is the time to decide on your outdoor fireplace.

What the do-it-yourselfer can accomplish is to build a gas fireplace outside such as a gas fire pit that will require very little maintenance and upkeep once built. Why? Because gas logs and fires burn very clean, and there is no need to ever hassle chopping or buying wood to keep the fire going. The only drawback to an outdoor gas log fire: you can't grill or barbeque!

Three simple gas log fire pit options:

(1) For around $300 to $400, you can buy online just the actual burner set up and logs and surround the propane gas fire pit with whatever goes with your backyard decor! The kit includes six logs is 60,000 BTU output, and uses a standard liquid propane tank.

(2) For around $300 to $400 you can buy a Peterson gas log set and enhance your own custom fire pit. These 30 inch western campfyre logs are constructed from heat retaining ceramic material and include reinforced steel rods for extra durability.

(3) For around $650 to $700 you can buy a natural gas fire log kit that includes: 7 handcrafted designer logs, 6 designer wood chips, 70,000 btu stainless steel burner, valve assembly, lava granules and coals.

Buy Gas Logs

  • The beautiful look of a wood fire without venting or hookups
  • Works with Natural Flame™ fuel cartridges
  • Burns safely and cleanly in many types of fireplaces
  • No smoke, ashes, or embers


Buy gas logs and build your own simple fire pit structure to surround!

Before you begin building a gas burning fire pit for an outside room in your backyard you should check local fire codes and ordinances for permitted use. If you are unsure about how to get started building, get a set of outdoor fireplace plans. Try visiting diynetwork.com and other sites that review how to build gas burning fireplaces. You can also build a simple pit structure fire pit centered around gas logs. To do so, take a look below.


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