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Outdoor heater - Buy a patio heater and spend more time outdoors!

Outdoor heater - There are many great heater choices available, making it easier then ever to buy one for your outdoor patio.

Keeping your patio warm later into fall, and getting you outside earlier in spring, are the great joys of having an outdoor patio heater. There are small table top heaters which keep everyone at the patio table warm and comfortable while sipping on a nice glass of red wine, watching the leaves turn color. There are also residential commercial outdoor heaters which can heat up to twice the distance of a tabletop outdoor model. The residential commercial heaters are useful in many outdoor situations, especially where you need to heat up larger outside areas. It is not uncommon to buy several of these patio heaters to keep a large outside area warm.

Here is a list of the different brands and types of heaters for an outdoor patio space.

  • Blue Rhino - Endless Summer - A popular basic patio heater that's very affordable.
  • Arctic patio heaters - Sleek and Stylish great for outdoor decor! These heater models cost more than other comparable outdoor heating units look and heat great!
  • Dayva - Another sleek and stylish outdoor patio heater. Also a bit more pricey then a standard basic functional outside heater.
  • Table top patio heaters - Fueled with propane or natural gas.
  • Residential commercial patio heaters - Fueled with propane and natural gas.

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