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Outdoor Patio Heaters - Best heat sources and brands

Outdoor patio heaters- We all have our preferences, and buying an outdoor patio heater to keep you warm outside is no different. With many quality brands for backyard heating: Endless Summer, Davya, and Arctic to name a few, getting sufficient btu to raise the exterior temperature is just an adjustable knob away.

Choices for the homeowner or restaurant

Consider first the area you're planning to heat: if you have a restaurant with tables outside or a patio area, several portable propane heaters spaced to radiate adequate warmth is the way to go. If you need to buy more than one, you can save money by shopping online with quantity discounts.

For the homeowner, more choices still. Electric patio heaters are available, but that means that you've got to plug in somewhere, not always convenient as you will have a cord that people can trip over. A far better idea is to buy a residential patio heater or table top model.

Heating with residential and commercial models allows you to heat the outside 10 to 20 degrees more than the outdoor temperature. However, the circumference of warmth radiated from these units can only go so far. Check to see that you have adequate heating, especially in large spaces.

Brands to heat the backyard

Endless Summer by Blue Rhino

Types of Heat

Outdoor fireplaces

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