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Outdoor Storage Box- Review

If you are looking to keep things organized outdoors, consider buying an outdoor storage box or bench. These pieces are designed to provide useful storage for you outdoors, and popular uses include storing patio furniture cushions and/or garden and pool supplies. An added bonus to today's storage boxes, is that most are attractive, and should enhance your outdoor decor.

About: Size, material, and price varies, so keep your eye out for features important to you. For example, if the items to be stored needs to stay dry, look for a box with a "stay dry design" like the plastic bins made by Suncast. Other features you may want to look for include: lockable storage boxes and wheels for mobility. Review your options before buying.

Outdoor Storage Boxes on Amazon

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Price: $30 - $250

Outdoor Storage Box Materials:

1) Wood

If you are shopping for a wooden storage box, you will generally find that it is made from a weather resistant hardwood like Eucylyptus, Shorea and Red Lauan. Cedar wood is another one, and it, like Teak ($$$,) tend to be a bit more expensive.

Wood is definitely a desirable material and many outdoor storage bin options are available. You'll find stylish wood deck boxes and attractive wooden storage benches.

Some are made with slatted wood walls and/or bottoms to allow air to flow freely so that items like cushions, (or whatever you're storing) don't end up smelling musty or damp.

2) Plastic

  • Best brands: Suncast and Rubbermaid (resin plastic)

Don't forget that there are two types of plastic available, resin plastic and recycled plastic that is tauted as being "lumberlike."

The typical resin plastic ones, however, tend to be the most affordable and tend to look and perform really well too.

Suncast and Rubbermaid are popular brands to consider when choosing plastic outdoor storage. Their affordable products are made with durable resin construction and are weather-resistant.

Also, all storage boxes and benches are made with a stay-dry design which will keep water out. Additional features to look out for are: wheels for easier maneuverability; storage trays and compartments for small items and lockable lids for safe storage.

3) Wicker

  • Best brands: Eagle One and Red Star Traders

Storage options exist in resin wicker, but selection is definitely slim compared to wood and plastic.

Wicker deck boxes and benches typically are constructed with a steel frame and use a handsome resin wicker weave. These tend to be more expensive than other materials mentioned.

Popular Type - The Outdoor Storage Bench:

Outdoor storage benches are becoming more popular each year. These benches are available in a variety of materials that include: wood, plastic, wicker and teak and can be stylishly arrranged with other outdoor furniture and can enhance seating options.

Storage capacity ranges... If you need maximum storing space, look for a 4-foot or larger bench. This will comfortably seat 2-people and provide a nice amount of storage space beneath. Cushions don't come with all benches, but some do! As well, some storage benches are designed with back support, others are not. With a wide variety of materials, prices do vary. If you are looking for an affordable option go with resin plastic. How do they work? They are made with a lid which opens for storing.

Storage benches can be fancy, look for those made of wood or wicker. Poolside or on the patio, these are pieces of outdoor furniture that add to the décor.

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