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Patio Furniture Covers- Protect Your Furnishings

Patio furniture covers - For the small amount of money it costs to buy a patio furniture cover to protect your outdoor patio furnishings, don't wait. It takes time and money to furnish your exterior and so little time to cover up your patio pieces - and quality tables, chairs and loungers will benefit greatly. The pay off to covering your pieces is that it will greatly prolong the life of your patio furnishings, providing you with years of enjoyment.

Which outdoor furniture should you cover?

Cover all lawn and garden furniture that is to live outside in the backyard during the winter and off season. Popular garden furniture materials such as: teak, cedar, cast aluminum, casual aluminum and all-weather wicker ARE durable and weather resistant, but the elements will wear down your furniture faster uncovered than if the furnishings are covered and protected from harsh temperatures, rain, snow and UV rays.

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Tips for buying furniture covers:

  • Look for strong materials such as vinyl or PVC and make sure they are waterproof and include uv protection. These protectors should not crack in the cold or mildew when it's damp.
  • Lined on the inside will protect your patio tables and chairs from all temperatures and exposures: from harsh sunshine to heavy snow.
  • Make sure there are fasteners such as velcro or adhesive for additional security during gusty winds and harsh weather.

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