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Patio Furniture Cushions - The Best Way to Make Your Outdoor Furniture Comfortable!

Patio furniture cushions - The most comfortable addition to patio furniture for chairs, recliners, chaise loungers and gliders --are cushions! Outdoor furniture cushions with luxurious soft fillings make your patio furniture so inviting that you will be inclined to spend more time outdoors creating memorable moments with friends and family, eating, relaxing and reclining. If you are looking to buy a patio furniture cushion for a particular piece or are looking for replacement cushions for your furniture, the internet is a great place to start looking.

Here is a list of outdoor furniture materials that will greatly benefit from comfortable cushions:

  • Wicker patio furniture - Sit in the lap of luxury with plump cushions! Patio cushions are a must for: patio benches, loveseats, chairs, and rockers, and outdoor sofas.
  • Wrought iron patio furniture - You might be inclined to say no to a furniture cushion if you like the iron seat's detailing, but with nice Velcro or die down straps you have the flexibility of "to cushion or to not cushion!"
  • Wood patio furniture - Need extra cushioning? Why not! You can buy stunning-looking patio seating and reclining cushions for chaise loungers, dining chairs and more online!
  • Cast aluminum patio furniture - Make life worth living. Say yes to outdoor furniture cushions!

Favorite Cushions:
chair, bench, ottoman. chaise lounge

  • all-weather
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Caring for outdoor furniture cushions

Before you buy patio cushions, make sure that you choose only quality outdoor cushions made with weather resistant fabric and materials. Sunbrella is a popular mildew-resistant fabric used by many outdoor furniture manufacturers. This material will withstand sun, wind, rain, and is fade proof.

To clean your cushion remove it from the frame and spot clean using a sponge, mild soap and water, and rinse well. To prevent mildew (best to be cautious) allow your cushion to completely dry out before using. To store: make sure cushions are completely dry; do not wrap them in plastic as this does not allow them to breathe.

Outdoor furniture selections that benefit from cushion use are:
wicker patio furniture, aluminum patio furniture and wrought iron patio furniture; for teak loungers a more complete selection choose from the menu below.