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Patio Heaters - Extend Your Season Outdoors!

The quality and selection for buying patio heaters has never been better! Why? Well known outdoor heating brand lines such as: Endless Summer, Dayva, Whalen, Arctic and Hammerstone not only manufacture propane and natural gas heaters designed for safety, function and durability, but also style. so that your patio looks great, and is warm and heated on those chilly fall days.

Keeping warm and enjoying the seasons outdoors

Basically, there are three patio heater options for your backyard, pool or deck area: table top heaters, residential commercial models or outdoor space heaters. For a complete review, click here.

If you are looking to heat a small patio or garden seating area, table top heaters and small propane space heaters are good choices. These out-of-door heaters can usually heat a 10' area.

For restaraunts, large patios and backyards areas, you will want to purchase a commercial radiant heater. These outdoor heaters can warm up a 20' circle, keeping friends and family warm and comfortable. They are designed to raise the outside temperature 10 to 25 degrees. To protect, buy a cover.

Find a complete selection of tabletop patio heaters

Prices range from $85 - $249

Find a complete selection of stainless steel patio heaters

Prices starting at $89.99

Dozens of Tiki Torches Starting from $19

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