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Patio rug - Enhance your outdoor décor with a floor covering!

Patio rug - Designed for outdoor use, patio rugs make your outdoor room feel complete. Similar to an area rug inside the home, a patio area rug serves many purposes, with the main purpose being: to improve your outdoor décor and truly make your patio area, feel like an outdoor room. While outdoor carpets can be used in many backyard locations: carpets go especially well in areas with patio furniture groupings, in locations such as patios, decks, pools and terraces.

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All weather patio backyard rugs come in many carpet sizes and shapes

When it comes to outdoor décor, a small area floor covering can really help enhance, as well as tie together, a small furniture arrangement. The good news is that you can buy an outdoor carpet, and not spend a fortune. Affordable patio carpets come in many sizes shapes and patterns and are made of weather resistant fabrics such as derclon, designed to be mildew, stain, and fade resistant in addition to fast drying and very easy to clean: just spray with the hose.

You can buy outdoor carpets online

With the flurry of outdoor products for outdoor kitchens, dining spaces and grill areas it's no wonder that an accessory like the rug to the patio is growing in popularity. If you're looking to buy a rug for your outdoor room, take a look online at the many home and garden decorating websites. And, don't forget the personalized door mat while your at it. How much for an outdoor carpet? Prices start at around $29 and can be as much as several hundred dollars, depending on size and style.

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