Patio String Lights

Patio String Lights - Buy Decorative Rope Style Lighting to Enhance the Atmosphere of your Patio, Deck or Garden!

Patio string lights
- this decorative rope style lighting is fun and can nicely enhance the atmosphere of your patio, deck or garden. Easily strung around your patio furniture, patio planters, railing and such, you can quickly add charming outdoor accent lighting. (String lights can also be used to highlight garden paths and steps for night time safety.)

Patio String Lights at Amazon

Huntington String Lights and more...

  • Globe
  • Christmas
  • Bamboo Tiki
  • Multi-Colored
Priced from: $21.95

Patio Rope Lighting Kits

For convenience, you can buy rope lighting kits online; there are a number of retail light stores that sell them. These outdoor light kits typically include:

  • 30 to 50 foot coil (string) lengths
  • a 120 volt power cord connector
  • and a handful of clips to secure the ropes in place

splice fittings are also included so that you can connect two or more string lights together for greater lengths. Styles available include assorted colors, including white, and patterns choices such as blinking light streams to those cords and strings with steady light. Take a look at the above lighting links to get you started!

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