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Patio Umbrellas - Stylish Umbrellas Will Keep You Shaded

Patio umbrellas - There are many outdoor umbrellas to choose from, and depending on your needs you will be looking to buy either a free standing patio umbrella or an umbrella that goes through your patio dining or bistro table.

Free standing umbrellas are great for large patios, decks, and terraces where you have something like a wrought iron coffee table with chair seating arrangement that would benefit from an overhead canopy.

Typically patios and terraces accommodate dining tables and chairs and serve as outdoor rooms directly off the home. An umbrella serves as a shade awning and can provide sun, heat and wind protection. In addition, stylish choices and deluxe features such as remote control opening and automatic tilt add practicality and convenience.

Here is a guide to help you choose the right size umbrella

6' shade - will cover up to 30" bistro/cafe tables
7'shade - will cover up to 36" bistro/cafe table
9' shade - will cover up to 48" round or square dining table with four chairs
11' shade - will cover 60" round and square dining tables and 72" oval and rectangular tables with six chairs

Note: standard umbrellas will need 50 or 70 pound weight bases. These bases are used for both free standing umbrellas and patio tables umbrellas; they provide stability.

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Choosing a sunshade

How important is the tilt option? Do you want an aluminum or wood?

  • Umbrella tilt options will provide you with the flexibility to block out the sun as it moves throughout the day. Typically, tilt options aren't available with solid wood poles. If you are looking for the tilt option, choose aluminum.
  • As for umbrella fabrics: top of the line fabrics are Sunbrella and SolarVista. Both acrylic dyed fabrics are fade resistant, provide UV protection and can withstand the elements . Another quality fabric is Coolaroo designed to reduce temperatures.

You may also want to buy patio umbrella lights. These can be used as accent lighting or to create a nice mood at night while dining outdoors.

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