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Propane Radiant Heaters - Heat the area you need without wasted money

Propane radiant heaters - One of the great advantages to using a propane radiant heater is that you are cost effectively heating the area you want to warm without wasting it on the surrounding air.

Radiant heat works much like natural sunshine and is an excellent way to keep people and objects warm: propane gas units range from portable outdoor heaters to more permanent workshop models.

Radiant heating is very useful btu

Where you say, can I use a radiant propane heater? Many places - and especially popular is outdoor use such as a patio heater. There are many propane models available; brands such as Endless Summer and Arctic are highly sought after and can raise the outside temperature 10 to 20 degrees. If you like camping, Coleman makes a convenient portable heater that sits directly on top of the propane tank.

For buildings, loading docks, warehouses, sporting arenas, or assembly areas take a look at Mr Patio Heater. There are a number of propane choices available and all radiate heat in a way that is efficient, without heat loss.

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