pvc patio furniture

PVC Patio Furniture - Plastic Outdoor Furniture

PVC patio furniture - there are many forms of plastic pvc outdoor furniture available to buy: pipe pvc and pvc that looks more like wicker patio furniture than plastic PVC furniture. For the do it yourselfer, (diy) there is no shortage of pvc pipe parts and fittings to be able to design and build your own patio chair or table. Another option is to buy pvc furnishings either locally or online. There are several online retailers that sell only pipe pvc outdoor furnishings, and the price for pvc patio sets start at around $450 for a simple pvc table with 4 chairs, and up to $700 to $800 for added features such as high back chairs with a patio umbrella. Still, compared to a metal or wood patio set, this type of pvc pipe outdoor furniture is a bargain!

PVC resin patio furniture

There is another type of pvc furniture for your patio also available online. This style is perhaps what people are more familiar with when they think of pvc resin patio furniture. In fact, it is hard to tell that it's pvc plastic at all: for example, attractive pvc resin patio furniture chair that looks like wicker rattan but is actually plastic synthetics. By definition PVC is: A common thermoplastic resin, used in a wide variety of manufactured products, including rainwear, garden hoses, phonograph records, and floor tiles.

If you are looking to by resin patio furniture online, there are many price and style options. Care and maintenance of pvc outdoor furniture is minimal. You will not need to paint and varnish as you would with certain types of metal or wood, and, cleaning can be done with soap and water.

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