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Rope Lights

Rope lights are literally "ropes of light" that are made from flexible, rolls of clear plastic.

Lengths vary, but the main advantage to this type of lighting is that you can use it decoratively and to provide safety and delineate pathways, awnings and outdoor stairs. RV users like rope lighting for mounting on awnings, energy efficient folks like LED rope lights for lighting stairs and outdoor area. Why LED? These lights provide greater illumination, last longer (up to 60,000 hours) and use less electricity (85% less) than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Good Earth Rope Lighting

Price: Starting at $9.36 for a 6' length

Incandescent and LED

Rope lighting can be bought in a variety of colors including: blue, red, clear, green and white. You can buy long lengths like 150 feet to light up a building or home exterior. Brands like Flexbrite, enable you to add an additional 90 feet of light rope to a 150 foot length totaling 240 feet from a single power source. Long lengths like 150 feet of warm light LED will cost you around $1000.; 75 feet will cost you around $500. Shorter lengths are also available (3, 9, 15, 30 foot). You can customize easily, just make sure that you are buying component form and not one that is a fixed length. Rope lighting is sold with incandescent or LED bulbs. Both types emit light when plugged into an electrical outlet.

Looking to Buy Rope Lighting?

Here's what's typically included:

  • Rope Light
  • Mounting Clips
  • Instructions

About Mounting Clips - These tend to be break-resistant polypropylene clips that can be easily nailed into place on any wood surface. To remove, clip section folds down, making for easy removal if desired.

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