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Solar Landscape Lighting - Very Affordable Outdoor Lighting that Includes No Installation Effort, Free Energy, and Zero Wires and Cables!

Solar landscape lighting - without the need for transformers, wires, and cables solar lights are making quick favorites in outdoor lighting: no other outdoor lighting fixture offers such instant satisfaction with virtually zero installation time required. If you are looking to buy outdoor solar powered lighting for your garden, you will be pleased to know that there are many styles offered to handle a range of landscape lighting needs. From solar step lights, post, hanging and solar lantern style lighting to maximum brightness Led lighting technology with extra long running time.

Solar lighting fixture Recommendations

For solar lantern fixtures, pathway lighting, and solar accent lighting we recommend Amazon. With a very nice selection of outdoor solar lighting products and a low prices you can get shopping and start working on your lighting design.

Priced from: $19.99

You can also consider solar led lighting. Benefits to led lighting technology is that you will receive longer running times and maximum brightness available. They have a nice selection of pathway, deck, garden and several other light styles.

Benefits to including solar fixtures in your landscape

  • Free energy
  • Low maintenance - a light cleaning now and again will keep the solar panels working optimally.
  • Ease of installation - unlike other landscape lighting there is no need to hire an electrician, bury wires purchase a transformer and all the other considerations of electrical outside lighting. Your only installation effort might be in deciding whether to use the included stake or wall mount bracket to hang on your wall, post or fence.

  • Very affordable - Prices range from $23 to $75 generally for individual fixtures.
  • Flexibility - without the wires and cables you can forever transform your garden. Try moving your light fixtures around as your lighting and garden décor changes. And, you can always add another light somewhere!
  • Safety - very safe!

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