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Teak Adirondack Chair - Built to Last Outdoors

Teak Adirondack chair - If you are looking to buy an adirondack chair for the long term, buy one made of teak wood. Yes, a teak adirondack will cost you more than a chair made from cedar or pine, but, these chairs won't have the same weather resistance or durablility found in teak.

How much does a teak adirondack chair cost? List prices range from $400 to $900 for just the chair. Expect to buy the footstool seperately. Two teak furniture manufacturers that offer a lifetime warranty for their teak furnishings are Kingsley Bate and Westminster Teak. Take a look at both for trusted quality. As far as cost goes, you'll probably do better with Kingsley Bate. If you choose to buy from another manufacuturer just make sure that you are buying 100% teak and not a mixture of other hardwoods. Also look for "plantation teak". This is sustainably grown.

Care: Teak adirondack chair

Remember all of the teak lounge chairs on the deck of the Titanic? They were left to weather naturally and turn a beautiful patina grey. If you like the natural look of the wood as it ages you don't need to do much. The only real maintenance required is occasional cleaning. If you prefer the original golden color teak (like when you bought it) you'll want to use teak oil and cleaner. For this we recommend you learn more about teak care.

Who invented the adirondack chair

Are you wondering who invented the adirondack chair? It was Thomas Lee of Westport, New York. He came up with the design in the early 1900's to fulfill his longing for a comfortable lawn chair for his summer home. To our benefit, his chair is an American favorite, (it is also one of the best selling outdoor chairs).

  • Extra wide armrests - Great for setting a beverage, coctail, phone or book
  • A comfortable seatback angle - Comfortable angling allows you to unwind and relax with a good book or sit around the fire pit with friends and family.

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teak patio furniture