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Teak care - One of the main reasons people choose to spend the money they do on teak wood furniture is that this most durable wood

can easily withstand a life outdoors with minimal care. Brand new teak furniture left outdoors, without care from oils, sealers and other methods of preservation will turn a handsome silver gray probably within nine months…and then what?

Caring for your teak wood furniture

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Based on what kind of results you are looking to achieve in caring for your teakwood furniture we can help. Here are a few scenarios:

You just bought new teak outdoor furniture and you want to preserve the blond color teak wood. In this case care for your teak furnishings by using a method of preservation such as teak oil or a teak oil sealer. Teak oil care - you'll need to apply approximately three times annually. Teak sealer care - requires less maintenance, about once annually.

You want a low maintenance teakwood care program. In this case why not buy a quality outdoor furniture cover and keep your pieces covered in the off-season. Care -when necessary try Teak furniture cleaner, use a quality acid free cleaner to remove stains and that weathered look.

You want to restore your teak wood to its original honey color. Care 1 - use teak cleaner, this will clean and remove stains as well as the weathered look. Care 2 - use teak brightener, this care product is made to brighten teak wood by highlighting the wood grain and enhancing its warm natural color. Care 3 - use teak oil, this care product offers long lasting protection against the elements and helps maintain the warm natural coloring.

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