teak patio furniture

Teak Deck Furniture - Buy the Most Weather Resistant Wood Furniture for Your Deck!

Teak deck furniture - If you are looking to dress up your deck with teakwood furniture there are many great pieces for you to choose from. A small deck, right off the house is an ideal place for a patio set: a teak dining table with 4, 6 or 8 chairs depending on what size you seek. Another popular deck furniture choice is teak loungers. These invite great relaxation and conversation, and can be grouped together as a pair, not taking up too much deck space. Teak loungers may include features such as wheels and side tables adding more luxury to a basic chaise lounge.

More deck furniture: teak

  • deck furniture: teak planter - great deck furniture accessory that will last a life time and keep your plants growing
  • deck furniture: teak benches - situate a bench or two in a location overlooking the garden or facing a lovely focal point on the deck
  • deck furniture: teak glider - whisk away the afternoon relaxing alone or with a friend. Situate facing a lovely focal point or overlooking the garden
  • deck furniture: teak adirondack chair - nice rustic chair to relax in. Great big arms make it convenient for holding your favorite beer, wine or cocktail.

Caring for you teakwood deck furniture

Nothing is easier then caring for teak outdoor furniture if you like the natural weathered look of teak. Do nothing to your deck furniture and it will turn from honey gold to silver gray and be perfectly fine. If you prefer the original golden colored teakwood you will want to use a teakwood oil or protector to maintain the color.

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