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Teak Oil - Will Help you to Preserve Your Original Honey Colored Teak Wood Furniture Color

Teak oil - If you want to preserve your original honey colored teakwood furniture color, teak furniture oil is a good choice! While this form of teak preservation will help retain your teak wood's original warm blond color, teakwood oil is in no way necessary as a means to protect your teak furniture - which can naturally withstand the harshest elements of sun, salt air, humidity, heat, freezing temperature without the help of products. If you are looking to restore your teak furniture to its original color, you will first have to thoroughly clean your furnishings, and then apply teak wood oil.

Teak furniture oil is the oldest way of maintaining the natural look of teak

For a good brand of teak wood oil we recommend Star Brite teak wood oil and care products at the Outdoor Superstore. You can buy their premium teak wood oil from $14 - $23 (depending on the size), and will probably need to apply it at least three times per year for outdoor furniture. (one oil application should last several years with indoor pieces) If you are looking for less maintenance you could try their teak oil sealer. These usually require only yearly applications.

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