teak patio furniture

Teak Patio Furniture -The Best Outdoor Wood Furniture

Teak patio furniture - If you are looking to buy wooden furniture for outdoor use, the best choice is teakwood.

Teak is a beautiful hardwood that is native to Asia and very easily withstands both tropical and temperate climates. For outdoor use, teak is weatherproof and resists moisture and the drying effects of wind, snow, rain, and salt air: you can leave your furniture on the patio, deck, terrace, or lawn year round without worrying about it.

Furniture price and availability

If you shop around for patio furnishings online you will find a wide range in quality and price. Discount teak garden furniture is available on the internet, but make sure you are buying from a reputable source selling plantation teak ecologically harvested. Also, be sure the teakwood is 100% kiln-dried and solid teak, not a mixture of lesser quality woods.

Buy patio sets or individual pieces!
For an excellent selection of premium teak furniture at very good prices we recommend Amazon. You can find top quality chaise lounges, tables and chairs are made from 100% plantation grown teak and are expertly crafted. The site offers a great selection, plenty of customer reviews and often, free shipping, especially for prime members.

Teak Patio Sets

Caring instructions

You don't need to do anything special to maintain your patio furniture. When you buy it, the color will be a beautiful honey color and will weather to a soft grey. If, however, you want to maintain the original color, several good products online: teak oil and cleaners and protectors will help you do so.

Starbrite Premium Teak Oil
for teak protection and preservation

Note ~ Prevention is the best way to protect your investment. Buy a cover and keep your pieces covered during the winter!

Furnish the backyard with:

  • chaise Lounge
  • garden bench
  • coffee table
  • adirondack chair
  • planters
  • tables and chairs
  • Brown Jordan
  • Kingsley Bates

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