teak planter

Teak Planter - Great planters and long term invesment

Teak Planter - Known for being one of the best outdoor woods, a teak wood planter should prove a rewarding long term investment

in your garden or patio and also provides a nice home for shrubs, trailers or climbers. Teak planters are not the most accessible pots to find for your plants; however, by looking either online or at specialty garden shops you should be able to track one down.

Considerations for hardwood planters

The main thing with a planter, teak or any type of wood is that it be equipped with drainage holes. If you buy a planter made from teak that is without holes your choice is to either drill in your own, or to keep the plants contained in their pots and just hide the containers with moss.

Add a plastic liner?

Well made 100% teak furniture and planters are expensive, so it may not be a bad idea to throw in a plastic liner for added protection, just in case. Why? To protect the teak wood from moisture inside.. That said teac planters, well teak wood can hold up just fine against all kinds of conditions including moisture. In fact, this is why teak has been used as flooring for decks and outdoor furnishings on ships for so long. So a teakwood container filled with plants should have no problem with sun, moisture, sun and such. But there is no harm in extra protection, if not just a little peace of mind!

Maintaining your teakwood planters

A planter made from teak will weather naturally to a handsome grey if left outside in the elements. This is considered desirable by many consumers; however, others prefer teaks original honey color. If you want to preserve the original teak color, you will need to use either teak oil or a teak wood sealer.

How much effort? Teak oil care for your planter - you'll need to apply approximately three times annually. Teak sealer care for your planter - requires less maintenance, about once annually.

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