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Tiki Torches Review

Tiki torches - if you are looking to buy a tiki torch for your pool, patio or deck area you are definitely not alone.

Tiki exotica is enjoying a great resurgence in popularity: tiki bars, tiki huts, and torches are all the craze!

For a luau extraordinaire with Polynesian fare create the right atmosphere by placing a few large torches around. If you have a pool or pond area these torches can create a fiery reflective ring leaving your guests mesmerized. And, tiki outdoor torches are right at home in tropical gardens: place them about near your favorite plants and the garden will look great. What's available? Review styles, types, safety and maintenance below.

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  • oil torches
  • gas torches
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Tikis and torch styles available

  • pole torches
  • tabletop torches
  • tiki umbrella torches
  • Festive tiki wall sconces
  • Festive colored torches
  • copper and bamboo torches

Natural Gas and Propane

The choice for natural gas or propane is a good one especially if you're looking for long lasting burning and flexibility. These torches, unlike the oil burning ones discussed below, are adjustable, and allow you to control how much flame you want: by turning a knob, go from soft romantic to bright light. In addition, gas tiki torches rarely blow out in the wind, (up to 10mph) making them an excellent choice for overall ease and functionality. You can buy tiki torch kits online. They come in permanent or portable. The portable ones use propane gas and cost from $220 to $350. Permanent natural gas ones are located in an area and have a constant supply of natural gas fed to them. Once installed, they are ready to burn 24/7.

Oil: Paraffin and Citronella

For a more affordable choice, you can buy tiki torches that use oil. Paraffin oil is a popular choice, and it doesn't smoke. Citronella oil is another good choice and it helps to control mosquitos. How long do they burn? Festive brand torches hold 16oz of fuel and can burn for 10 hours. But how long they last depends upon the size of your torch: typically from 6 to 16 hours. Flame height is determined by wick exposure. You can buy individual torch tikis or buy several in a pack online.

Need Oil for your Torch?

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Best choices:

  • Gelflame Fuel - burns odorless, and smoke-free
  • Liquid Paraffin with Citronella - 1 gallon or 32oz

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Safety Advice and Maintenance Tips:

  • For safety, never leave a torch unattended. If you and guests go inside, make sure you extingish all torches to prevent a fire. For gas tikis check the gas lines prior to lighting. How is the connection. Is it secure and in good condition?
  • To maintain gas tiki torches - Clean carbon build-up from the torch head by using a mild soapy-water mixture. No abrasives.
  • To maintain an oil tiki torch - The main thing is check prior to use that the wick is in good shape and that there is sufficient oil to burn. Don't mix oil types with your wick. If you choose paraffin, stick with it until the wick is finished. Then switch.


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