Trellis - Have More Space for Plants and Vines

Garden Trellis - While there are many advantages to including trelliage in the garden, space optimization is a key factor. Trellises in the garden can be made of many materials and popular choices include wood, wrought iron, vinyl and copper. For a small backyard trellising vines and plants vertically helps minimize space and takes advantage of space going upwards. Garden rooms with trellising also create a cozy feel, especially when included on a patio or deck area. While the walls to the home right off the patio may provide nice wall planes for creating an outdoor room adding trellises and trellised plants helps to define this space as a distinct outside room.

You can purchase ready made trellises and arbors

Not very expensive, these structures can be bought online or at a local home improvement store. Generally sold as panels, especially in wood, you can choose from varying sizes and shapes. Also, you can buy trellising that includes stakes at the bottom. This enables you to position your trellis in the garden where you'd like (freestanding) to create added dimension and interest to your landscape.

Two types of gardening trellises available:

  • Freestanding
  • For attaching to fences or walls

Additional uses for outdoor trellising structures include: wedding trellis, privacy screens, training vines, and decoration.

A trellis is defined as a structure of open latticework, especially one used as a support for vines and other creeping plants. For the do-it-yourselfer there are trellis plans available. You can take a look at Sunset's Trellis and Arbor Book. There you will find instructions on how to build: a-frame trellis, rustic screens, obelisks, pole teepee, rose trellis, and trellised containers.

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