Vinyl Arbor - Buy a Garden Arbor that Offers Timeless Beauty and Zero Maintenance!

Vinyl arbor - Vinyl arbors are becoming the most popular garden arbor choice around and it's no wonder when you consider the value these arbors bring to the long term picture of your landscape. Vinyl, a tough and flexible shiny plastic is a top all-weather material that handles the harshest outdoor elements, without maintenance.

Why buy a vinyl outdoor arbor?

Unlike other garden arbors: metal and wood which may rust or peel as the years go on a vinyl garden arbor will not! You will never need to paint, stain or seal your plastic arbor nor will you have to worry about cracking, splitting, or warping. (Clean with soap and water when necessary)

Ultralast Vinyl outdoor arbors will last a lifetime

Take a look at the photo below, this is a white Ultralast arbor made from vinyl plastic. These quality arbors: Brookfield, Springfield, Ashbury, Farfield, Nantucket, Manchester and such range in price from $250 to over $1000 and include a lifetime manufacturer's warrantee. Their outdoor arbors are designed for the more discriminating homeowner and combine exclusive architectural features with the timeless beauty of tradition.

If you are looking to buy a vinyl garden arbor we recommend Amazon. You'll find a great selection of vinyl arbors and accessories in prices ranging from $150 to$500. Look for free shipping, too.

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About arbor installation

Arbor vinyl - You can set up your garden arbor without special skills. Most vinyl garden arbors come with good instructions and include mostly preassembled parts from the factory. You should be able to set up your arbor within an hour or two.

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