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Wicker and Rattan Furniture - Loom and Hand Woven Natural Wicker

Wicker and rattan furniture - Made from natural fibers, rattan and wicker furniture plays a key role in furnishing rooms inside the home with comfortable, casual and natural furniture. Two types of weaves: loom and hand, are carefully used to make wicker rattan furniture; each wicker weave has distinct characteristics making both rattan wicker types desirable. If you are looking to buy wicker and rattan furnishings you can decide which weave best suits your taste and budget. Top wicker furniture manufacturer, Lloyd Flanders, employs the loom to weave and create beautiful and elegant rattan wicker furniture for the home.

What is the difference between hand woven wicker rattan furniture and loom woven wicker rattan furniture?

Loom rattan wicker - The wicker strands are spun together tightly for an elegant look, smooth feel, and quality finish. Loom wicker will last longer and is more resilient to the weather than hand woven wicker rattan. (Note: This furniture is not weather resistant and should not be left outdoors permanently. Don't allow furniture to get wet in the rain).
Furniture manufacturers that employ a loom to weave their wicker rattan furnishings

  • Lloyd Flanders

Hand woven natural wicker - This casual, stylish furniture is made from rattan, a tropical vine that is both strong and flexible. This furniture has a natural give which makes each piece very comfortable. Hand woven natural wicker furniture is suitable for indoor use, and limited outdoor use.

Furniture manufacturers that make hand woven wicker furniture:

  • LaneVenture WeatherMaster Natural Wicker Collection
  • Eddie Bauer's Lakeridge Collection
  • Cabana Joe

Natural rattan wicker Furniture: sofa sets, armchairs, bedroom sets, rocking chairs and more. This furniture goes well in all rooms inside the home including: covered porch, covered patio, sunroom or guestroom. You can buy this furniture online.

Natural wicker furniture is designed primarily for indoor use. If you are looking for outdoor wicker furniture please click on the wicker patio furniture link.