Woodard Patio Furniture - In Business for 140 Years!

If you are looking to buy wrought iron patio furniture Woodard is an excellent brand. Though this company offers a number of types of patio furniture including all weather wicker, cast and regular aluminum; what put Woodard patio furniture on the map was its hand crafted wrought iron pieces, (circa the 1930's) and the appeal of casual patio furniture, which was a new concept at this time.

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Woodard has been around since it was founded in 1865 by Lyman Woodard. Since that time, over 140 years, this company has been an innovator as well as learned to move with the times. An example of this is their current aluminum patio furniture whereby Woodard looked to construct more comfortable pieces and found that tubular and cast aluminum could provide that.

About Woodard Patio Furniture:

Furniture Collections? Woodard has numerous patio furniture collections within each material type. In wrought iron, you will find over 18-collections and some include a full line of patio furniture like: stackable chairs, bistro sets, dining tables, chaise loungers, loveseats and outdoor sofas.

Customization? Most Woodard patio furniture collections enable you to pick from their many paint finishes and fabric choices. In addition, if you buy a patio table, you can choose from several types of table tops which include cast mosaic, cast stone, stone mosaic and patterned aluminum. You can also choose from a selection of table bases.

1. Woodard's Wrought Iron Collection:

Here is the current collection: Aberdeen, Amelie, Aurora, Bradford, Briarwood, Cromwell, Canterbury, Deauville, Easton, Maddox, Modesto, Reston, Sheffield, Terrace, Torino, Valencia, and Windflower Mesh.

  • Looking for vintage wrought iron? Check out Woodard's Sheffield and Canterbury Collection

  • Looking for stackable dining chairs? Check out the Bradford Collection

  • Looking for contemporary? Check out the Maddox Collection

How is it constructed?

Known for being exceptionally durable, Woodard hand forms each piece of furniture using a solid iron stock. This manufacturer also uses hand-crafted techniques to create intricate details. Note: There is an airy elegance to iron furnishings and Woodard demonstrates this in all of their collections. About the collections? You will find a complete range of styles for complementing outdoor decor.

Caring instructions?

Clean first with soapy, warm water. If damage to the paint occurs, touch up immediately to prevent corrosion and rust. You can protect the frame's finish, if it is non-textured, with a fine automotive wax.

2. Woodard's Aluminum Collection:

Here is the current collection: Andover, Baja strap, Belden cushion and sling, Carson cushion and sling, Cayman Isle cushion and sling, Clarmont cushion and sling, Cortland cushion and sling, Delphi, Devonshire, Fremont, Hartwick by Joe Ruggiero, Heritage, Latour, Manhattan, Marche cushion and sling, Pacific sling, Ramsgate, Sterling, Sutherland cushion and sling, Tribeca, Wingate and Wyatt.

How is it constructed?

Woodard uses the highest grade aluminum along with the most resilient aluminum ingots. This combination both stengthens the furniture and makes it extemely malleable. Same is true for their cast aluminum furnishings.

Caring instructions?

Clean with a mild solution of warm soapy water. If you want to maintain the gloss on a non-textured finish, use a fine automotive wax.

3. Woodard's All Weather Wicker Collection:

Here is the current collection: Belmar, Del Cristo, Domino by Joe Ruggiero, Serengenti, South Shore and Trinidad.

How is it constructed?

Woodard's wicker patio furniture is made using a synthetic weather resistent wicker that gets woven around an aluminum frame.

Caring instructions?

Clean with a mild soap and warm water. Alslo, to prevent mildew from becoming a problem, wash out dirt particles that become trapped. Be sure to fully air dry before storing.


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