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Wrought Iron Plant Stand - Beautiful Decorative Elements to Display Plants Both Inside and Outside your Home

Wrought iron plant stand - When you are looking for a somewhat rustic and charming material to add character to the garden or indoors, why not choose a wrought iron made plant stand. Coming in many sizes and shapes from old world winding spirals to simple one planter wrought iron stands that won't take up a lot of space, to larger wrought iron stands, sometimes called bakers racks, that can hold a larger number of plants.

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  • corner stands
  • spirals
  • baker's racks

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Outdoor iron plant stand

Outdoors a wrought iron planter stand can add great charm to an outdoor room. Put a small plant stand in an uninteresting corner, or near a couple of chaise loungers. Add a wrought iron planter stand to a dark shady corner, then add variegated trailing plants or ferns to enliven the scene. Wrought iron is a great material and well used for a good old iron plant stand: wrought irons distinct beauty will greatly enhance the outdoor décor and certainly make your plants look even better.

Indoor iron plant stand

Indoors, wrought iron planter stands also add magic and beauty. If pots have drainage holes, and are not in sealed planters, you will need to water them over the sink or tub where they can drain out and then return them to the plant stand. One of the great benefits to having a small iron plant stand is that many of them take up less horizontal space. This makes decorating with plants and wrought iron container plant stands useful in small apartments and houses.

Having a wrought iron container plant stand enables you to:

  • Show off your plants at a nice height. Wrought iron planter stands can be from 1 to 5 feet
  • Gets your plants and house plants off the ground
  • Creates interested beauty and focal points in and out of the home

Another type of wrought iron stand for plants that is very popular is one that is more like a window box. You can find these planters sold with a rectangular area to place plants and they come raised with 4 iron feet to give the planter stand some height. You can find these wrought iron outdoor plant stands measuring 18" and higher if you shop around.

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