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Wrought Iron Trellis - Support your Favorite Vines: Bougainvillea, Roses, Sweet Peas and Honeysuckle!

Wrought iron trellis - you're not alone if you are looking to buy a wrought iron garden trellis online. This material: wrought iron, is the most popular and sought after of all the trellis materials available and provides a rustic old world charm that looks great against brick, wood, and other exterior home walls.

You can hang one or several iron trellises against your house to create visual interest and symmetry as well as to support your favorite climbing plants.

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Roses, Sweet Peas, Bougainvillea and Honeysuckle vines look terrific trellised and festooned against the house!

Annual vines as well as deciduous vines that loose their leaves in winter, provide a great opportunity for you to show off the wrought iron framework to your trellises in the winter time, especially if the trellis structure has ornate iron detailing.

Wrought Iron Latticework Online

You can shop online for a complete wrought iron selection of trellises. There are free standing iron trellises that come with pole-like extensions to anchor your trellis into the ground, or you can buy an iron lattice panel that gets attached directly to your fence or home.

Since there are a number of Internet retailers selling wrought iron garden accents and trellis structures (antique stores, gardening stores, and iron, wrought iron specialty stores) you should be able to find what you are looking for.

From decorative to functional, the iron lattice structure is designed to support your plants. You will be able to find iron trellises designed specifically to support thicker plant growth.

For example, a trellis may include additional latticework to give vines and climbing plants more of a foothold as they ascend. This extra latticework also allows you to better control the vine placements as well as helping to keep the vine better anchored to the trellis.

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