arctic patio heater

Arctic patio heater - Buy an outdoor heater that brings the most style to your patio!

Arctic patio heater - Buying an arctic heater for your patio, pool area, deck or terrace is like adding a beautiful piece of furniture for you home.

Arctic patio heaters are designed with aesthetics in mind, while providing an excellent and safe source of heating outdoors.

Arctic heater styles

Arctic outdoor heaters come in two distinct heating styles: tabletop patio heaters and residential commercial style heaters. If you need a small outdoor heater that will throw heat out to 10 feet, a weather proof arctic tabletop heater is the way to go. These smaller style heaters by Arctic are fueled with propane gas, and include a safety tilt switch which will turn off your patio heater if it leans more than 18 degrees.

Residential and commercial patio heaters

If you are looking to heat a greater area, choose an arctic outdoor heater that is a residential commercial style. These stylish heaters will heat up to a 20 feet circumference and will raise the temperature 10 to 25 degrees, which you control. If you need to heat a larger area multiple heaters are a good idea.

Arctic outdoor heaters can be bought in cast aluminum or stainless steel. We recommend you shop at Yardiac online. They sell top brand patio heaters including Arctic, Blue Rhino, and Hammerstone with a low price guarantee. Click here to to view their outdoor heater selection.

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