martha stewart patio furniture

Martha Stewart Patio Furniture - Don't forget to look at Kmart

Martha Stewart Patio Furniture - For sizing up Martha Stewart and her outdoor patio furniture collection the first stop, Kmart!

With a quick visit to Kmart online you will find a number of nice patio sets and outdoor accessories by the Godess herself, Martha Stewart. And a patio furnished with Martha Stewart home furnishings - now isn't that a good thing!

Martha Stewart dining sets

The first stop in the Martha Stewart collection of patio furniture is the A -Z perusal of backyard assorted pieces. Dining sets anybody? Here's the breakdown: Ashville, Sierra Vista, Clearwater, Nantucket, Portland, Victoria, Santa Barbara and Chesapeake collection.

You can furnish your patio with the Chesapeake dining collection with 6 chairs a table and patio umbrella. This patio set is more expensive than most other Martha Stewart patio furnishings, falling between $135 -$450 per item. Purchase online for Martha Stewart collection at Kmart includes separate purchasing of chairs, table, and umbrella. The Victoria dining set includes 5 chairs, a round patio table, and umbrella -it costs a bit less. The Clearwater 4 chair dining collection costs between $130 -$250 per item.

And Martha Stewart individual furnishings and decorative accessories

But heck, if you're patio is already furnished and you're looking for Martha Stewart to help you out on some individual garden furniture and accessories, take a look at the folding chairs (cheap), gliders and chaise lounge chairs. You can furnish your patio or lawn with Martha Stewart's comfort seating sofas or seating sets: 2 swivel rockers, 2 ottomans and a side table. And if you need more sets to furnish the deck take a look at the bar and bistro sets. Martha even sells the fun summer time accessories: patio umbrellas and stands, fire pits, towels, gazebos, plant stands, fountains and more.

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