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Outdoor heaters - Find the right style, price and brand for your outdoor space!

Outdoor heaters - With many quality choices it should not be very difficult for you to find a patio heater that suits your heating needs.

Typical residential and tabletop outdoor heater units are designed to raise the ambient outdoor temperature 10 -20 degrees farenheit; which can greatly extend your season outdoors enjoying time with friends and family, while staying warm and heated. Most quality heaters for the outdoors offer flexible adjustable knobs allowing you to control the amount of heat your patio heater will provide.

Choices in heaters for the outdoors include a number of styles, brands and price ranges. (You can buy online). For a look at the top heater options for your patio, deck, pool area or restaraunt take a look at the heater outdoor selection below.

Outdoor heating options: table top and residential commercial

Tabletop outdoor patio heaters - These stylish heaters are outdoor patio heaters designed to sit comfortably on your patio table. Being around 36 inches tall, with a narrow, yet sturdy 12 inch base, you can comfortably enjoy conversations and meals with others, and stay warm! Table top patio heaters typically radiate heat in a 10 foot diameter, and can raise the ambient temperature 10 - 25 degrees farenheit. Other typical outdoor tabletop heater features include: automatic ignition with a flame-failure device; anti-tilt switch for safety and propane or natural gas. Brands include: Arctic, Dayva, and Endless summer. Price range: $150 -$170.

~For a popular small outdoor tabletop heater that is portable Lil' Arctic is a nice choice. Note that the heater's height is 20" compared to approximately 36. Lil' Arctic outdoor table top heater is constructed with a cast iron base, stainless steel emitter screen shield, and an aluminum reflector dome. Additional features include:

  • Easy 10 minute assembly.
  • Tip-over safety switch.
  • Burner grid radiates heat up to an 8' diameter.
  • Push button Piezo electric ignition control valve.
  • Efficient burner system with 100% safety shut-off.
  • Up to 11,000 BTUs
  • Fueled by a standard propane disposable tank. (not included)

20" L x 20" W x 39 1/2" H; weight 33 pounds.

Residential commercial patio heaters - Residential commercial outdoor heaters are designed to warm up a 18 to 20 foot circumference of space to make the patio temperature comfortable. Similar to outdoor tabletop heaters, this type of outside heating is designed to raise outdoor temperatures 10 to 25 degrees farenheit. Popular brands include: Blue Rhino's Endless Summer heaters (basic propane heaters, very affordable); Arctic residential commercial patio heaters (very sleek and stylish in cast aluminum and stainless steel, fueled either by propane or natural gas); and Dayva heaters (also very sleek and stylish, and fueled by propane or natural gas.) Note: Dayva and Arctic heaters run about $300 -$400 more than Endless Summer comparable heaters; but, they're definitely worth it if you're looking for great style!

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