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Patio Awnings: Retractable awnings and permanent awning styles for your patio

Patio awnings - An awning for your patio is a great investment and will protect you from dangerous UV rays and sun during those times when you need it most. You can buy two patio type awnings: retractable or permanent awnings. Retractable awnings are very desirable as these awnings can provides you with the flexibility to shade or not shade your patio area. Permanent patio style awnings, on the other hand, do not provide you with such flexibility. These awnings will cover your patio, and anything beneath, 24/7.

If you are looking to buy an awning for your patio, take a look online. A number of top quality awning manufacturers have websites which well describe the features and benefits of their different patio style awning models. This information can provide you with the first steps in deciding which canopy will be best to cover your patio.

Stylish retractable awnings for your patio

Retractable awnings for your patio - as mentioned, these aluminum awnings will provide you with the most amount of flexibility. Since your awning's main job is to provide you with an overhead patio canopy, taking the edge off of the hot sun, you will likely want to keep it open on hot sunny days when it can be of service.

This will protect your patio furniture beneath, and make spending time on your patio a lot more fun! During the winter, however, or bad weather and storms, it is best to keep your patio's awning closed. During the winter the welcomed sun can provide heat. This is especially true if your patio's awning is over windows or French doors. By leaving these portals uncovered you can allow more light, and intern, heat through.

Whether your patio awning is permanent or retractable, look to buy awning canopies that are made with a solution died acrylic fabric like Sunbrella. These all weather fabrics will not mildew, fade, or rot. Also, these woven fabrics are breathable, allowing for better air circulation beneath your awning. Stay away from canvas and cotton patio type awnings, these are susceptible to mildew and will rot.

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