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Patio fireplace - Natural Gas, Propane, Ethanol and Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplaces Online

Patio fireplace - If you are looking to buy an outdoor fireplace for your patio or deck there are several nice fireplace choices available. We suggest you take a look at Yardiac online as they have a complete selection of fireplaces for your patio: propane, natural gas, and wood burning fireplaces, with a low price guarantee and free shipping on select items.

Patio fuel fireplace choices:

outdoor gas fireplaces - Enjoy the look and feel of a real wood fire without the high cost of operation and damaging effects to the environment. With a patio gas fireplace you won't have to clean up, deal with flying embers, smoke or ash. If you have a gas hookup on your patio, or are moving in that direction Yardiac carries Cornerstone natural gas fireplaces as well as models: Gazebo and Solarium. These state of the art patio models are stunning, and like other quality designer gas fireplaces not cheap either. Cost:$900 to $1,050.

Propane outdoor fireplaces - Online you can choose from several different fireplaces. Yardiac carries the Cornerstone, Gazebo and Solarium fireplaces with propane gas. Cost: $900 to $1050

Ethanol, corn fuel outdoor hearth - A company named Fire Design makes Luminarium outdoor hearths that burns ethanol, a clean- burning, renewable energy source made by the fermentation of corn. These stunning fireplaces can be used in screened in sunrooms, porch, deck or patio. These outdoor fireplaces come in copper, sandstone, stainless steel and emerald and are top quality rust proof and weather resistant. Cost: $595 to $995.

Patio wood fireplace choice:

Patio wood fireplace - These outside fireplaces look a lot like chimeneas, with a small chimney vent for the smoke to ascend. These patio wood fireplaces are very attractive. Cost : $200 to $800.

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