patio heater review

Patio Heater Review

Patio heaters used to be a luxury item that you would only see at a restaurant in Napa Valley, today they are becoming commonplace to many patios, screened in porches and decks.

Having used and researched multiple different brands of patio heaters it became clearly obvious who is the the industry leader. Blue Rhino, with vase knowledge and experience of propane gas tanks,  introduced the Endless Summer Line of patio heaters which  has consistently proven that the name (Endless Summer) is well begotten. 

From top to bottom it is the market leader in style, performance and price.  These full size heaters can be warm up to 20 foot radius, and provide the right atmosphere for most outdoor gatherings anytime of the year.  To further research these units as the comparisons chart below shows, Blue Rhino hits a home run.


Industry Rated #1 --Here's Why:

Features & Benefits of all Endless Summer Patio Heaters:

  • Safety Tilt Switch. (gas automatically shuts off if heater leans more than 18 degrees)
  • 40,000BTU/Hr (Except for table top version)
  • AGA and CGA Approved.
  • Ideal for patio, restaurant, swimming pool, outdoor entertainment, etc.
  • 18' to 25' circle of sun-like radiant heat.
  • Raises temperatures 10-30 F.
  • No electrical connections needed.
  • Low maintenance - weather resistant construction.
  • Will operate 10 hours from common 20 lb barbecue type propane tank. (tank not included)
  • Multiple heaters may be used to heat large areas.
  • Propane tank is hidden inside patio heaters base.
  • Assembles in less than 2 hours with common household tools!

 Endless Summer Vs. The Competition

Endless Summer

Endless Summer  Advantage

$499 - $1,000 $239*(Only at Yardiac) and up More features, style, durability and performance for less money. Plus you get a $20 mail in rebate offer on any model.
Vertical emitter Angled emitter Directs heat output down for better efficiency and improves overall aesthetics.
Single emitter screen 2 heavy gauge emitters Solid inside emitter adds structural strength, amplifies burner output, reduces wind blowout and reduces heat loss through center. Heavy duty outside emitter enhances performance and retains good look longer.
--- Ceramic cone insulator Provides a more consistent output over 360 degrees, improves output by reducing heat loss through center, helps heater warm up faster & stay hot longer.
Standard stainless High temperature stainless Increases engine and burner life expectancy, improves appearance, efficiency and safety.
--- Whisper quiet burner Runs quietly even in the wind to enhance atmosphere.
Solid engine housing Engine body with access door Provides easy access to engine components for maintenance and repairs.
Lightweight dome Heavy gauge aluminum dome Retains good looks longer and is designed for easy removal for storage and transport.
Sheet metal structure Structural frame system Makes assembly easier and faster, retains perpendicularity longer, makes cleaning easier and saves carton space.
Sheet metal base Steel Base & Counterweight Heavy weight base plate improves safety by reducing wobble & tilt.
--- Trimmed base edge Protects wooden decks from scratches, makes moving easier and quiet.
--- Tilt control Increases safety by shutting off gas flow in the event that the unit is tilted more than 35.
Removable cylinder door Sliding cylinder cover Provides quickest and easiest access to cylinder for changes without damaging finishes and ensures the cover is not misplaced.
--- Cylinder access slot Allows easy access to cylinder valve to encourage complete shutdown after every use.
Single large carton 2 carton system Allows single person carry, fits in almost any size vehicle, reduces packaging scrap.
--- Quick & easy assembly Assembles in less than 1 hour with common household tools.
--- User friendly owner?s manual Informative illustrations with easy to understand instructions make assembly, maintenance, repairs and trouble shooting easy.

Warranty Period
Heater's warranty extends for 1 year from date of purchase by original purchase.