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Teak Loungers - Buy a Versatile and Handsome Outdoor Chaise and Be Glad that You Did!

Teak Loungers -This one is a mainstay and a popular sellar for either formal and casual furniture arrangements.

Teak lounge chairs are great by the pool. They are also great on a deck, patio or used as a lawn chair. Outfitted with a comfortable fluffy cushion and set-up with your favorite, drink, you are on your way to teak patio loungers heaven!

How many to Buy?

If space is a concern, try two teak patio loungers with a small coffee table. Add an attractive planter to the area and you'll have created a very nice space. By the pool figure out how many long chairs you'll need for friends and family.

About Teak Loungers

Often teak loungers (chaise lounge) come equipped with a small pull out table enough to put a drink and book. For a deluxe feature look for a chaise with 2 wheels. These make for convenient portability especially when chasing the afternoon sun. For additional comfort choose an outdoor cushion made with good loft and weather resistant fabric. Prices range from $200 to $1000.

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Why Buy Teak Wood Furniture?

For outdoor use, teak is unbeatable. This wood is weatherproof and will resists moisture. It will also resists the drying effects of wind, snow, rain, and salt air. Can you leave your your lounger outside year round without worrying about it? You can. However, you're better off protecting it with a furniture cover during the winter.

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